Our Story

Looking Forward

Hello, my name is Stacy Stubbs and I am creator, owner and founder of the Sticker Burr Roller, Inspired Tool Design.  As a child I was happiest when running barefoot, sticker burrs have haunted me for a long time. I have made it my personal life‘s work to get rid of these pesky thorns. It’s my passion to continue coming up with new innovative ways to make this tool even better and to create other tools that will assist in getting rid of these noxious weeds.

Gaining our yards and gardens back with the freedom of being pain free. Coming soon is an additional accessory for the sticker bur roller, as well as other tools, and innovative ways for lawn and garden care. I am confident that we can win the battle against these painful and noxious plants.

Purchase a sticker burr roller today and join me and many others in the luxury of a home, yard, and garden free from painful goat head thorns! 

Your family and Pets will thank you.

 Happy trails!

Several years ago my wife and I moved into a home with our 5 children and our yard was overrun by sticker burrs/goat heads. It didn’t take long before our carpet was peppered with burr stickers. Never did it fail in the middle of the night or just plain walking around the house, that we would encounter the piercing pain of one or serval of these goat head stickers.

Being extremely frustrated, I thought to myself, how do I get rid of these goat heads forever?


So I decided to focus on a solution.  I tried everything from burning to shop vacuuming, but nothing really worked. I dedicated months and months of different experiments. I now can proudly say that after several years, I feel confident that I have created a tool that works. I have many many happy customers and I am confident that this tool is here to stay!

And so I present to you, a solution I have designed, manufactured, tested and approved, we call it The Sticker Burr Roller and it’s now available for purchase!


Puncturevine Tribulus terrestris plant

Is an invasive plant known to grow around the world and in dry climates. It is widely known as a noxious burr having long sharp spikes that penetrate through thin shoes, bicycle tires, pets’ feet, and grazing animals. These hurt terribly when stepped on with bare feet.

  • The best strategy in controlling sticker burrs
  • These type of weeds that can quickly spread throughout the lawn and garden if not controlled and can take over your yard
  • Puncturevine is found in pastures, roadsides, waste places, parks, agricultural areas

Get rid of your goat heads & sticker burrs in your yard


You can find puncture plants all over the world. They come from the Puncturevine Tribulus Terrestris plant, this is a low growing grass-like weed, that germinates in August as the monsoon season comes through, and they will grow until frost in the late fall. This is when the sticker burr roller does its best work By collecting and disposing of the weed seed ensuring the bur seed will never reproduce. Goat heads are known for being difficult to destroy. Thanks to the sticker bur roller destroying sticker burr seeds, weeds, and more are easy, safe and it works!