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Got Sticker Burrs Or Goat Heads?

We Got you Covered With The Sticker Burr Removal Tool

The Sticker Burr Roller is the latest invention for removing sticker burrs, goat heads, and those annoying weeds that come along with them. 

Imagine, not hassling with goat head stickers or burrs. These painful pokers stick in your clothes, irritate your skin, and tangle themselves in our pets fur. Now your imagination can be reality! Finally a non-hazardous environmentally friendly, lightweight, easy to handle sticker burr removal system that the whole family can do. We are proud to introduce the Sticker Burr Roller Tool, and it is now available for order.

There is nothing pleasing about goat head stickers, burrs or the weeds that produce them. So we mean it when we say we got you covered! Order today and  take your yard to the next level in comfort!

Join our family and many others in enjoying the comfort of a yard free from sticker burrs for good! 

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What is the Sticker Burr Roller?

You can find puncture plants all over the world. They come from the Puncturevine Tribulus Terrestris plant, this is a low growing grass-like weed, that germinates in August as the monsoon season comes through, and they will grow until frost in the late fall. This is when the sticker burr roller does its best work By collecting and disposing of the weed seed ensuring the bur seed will never reproduce. Goat heads are known for being difficult to destroy. Thanks to the sticker bur roller destroying sticker burr seeds, weeds, and more are easy, safe and it works!


Sticker Catch Basket

after the stickers release off of the glider screen they will go in to our easy to empty catch basket

Smooth Grip Handle

Easy to hold handle while pushing the burr roller

Glide Screen

The adjustable glide screen is designed to guide the stickers in the catch basket 

Firm Foam Roller

is designed to pick up the stickers on to the screen to move it forward to the catch basket

Patent No. US 11,678,611 B2

What plant do Goat Heads come from?

Puncturevine Tribulus terrestris plant

Is an invasive plant known to grow around the world and in dry climates. It is widely known as a noxious burr having long sharp spikes that penetrate through thin shoes, bicycle tires, pets’ feet, and grazing animals. These hurt terribly when stepped on with bare feet.

Why Sticker Burr Roller?

Use All Year Round

Get Your Yard Back

No more grumpy kids with flat tires
Stop the cycle of weed reproduction Chemical free
Furry friends get to play in the yard again

Learn about

Several years ago my wife and I moved into a home with our 5 children and our yard was overrun by sticker burrs/goat heads. It didn’t take long before our carpet was peppered with burr stickers. Never did it fail in the middle of the night or just plain walking around the house, that we would encounter the piercing pain of one or serval of these goat head stickers.

Being extremely frustrated, I thought to myself, how do I get rid of these goat heads forever? 

So I decided to focus on a solution.  I tried everything from burning to shop vacuuming, but nothing really worked. I dedicated months and months of different experiments. I now can proudly say that after several years, I feel confident that I have created a tool that works. I have many many happy customers and I am confident that this tool is here to stay!

And so I present to you, a solution I have designed, manufactured, tested and approved, we call it The Sticker Burr Roller and it’s now available for purchase!

Looking Forward

Hello, my name is Stacy Stubbs and I am creator, owner and founder of the Sticker Burr Roller, Inspired Tool Design.  As a child I was happiest when running barefoot, sticker burrs have haunted me for a long time. I have made it my personal life‘s work to get rid of these pesky thorns. It’s my passion to continue coming up with new innovative ways to make this tool even better and to create other tools that will assist in getting rid of these noxious weeds.

Gaining our yards and gardens back with the freedom of being pain free. Coming soon is an additional accessory for the sticker bur roller, as well as other tools, and innovative ways for lawn and garden care. I am confident that we can win the battle against these painful and noxious plants.

Purchase a sticker burr roller today and join me and many others in the luxury of a home, yard, and garden free from painful goat head thorns! 

Your family and Pets will thank you.

 Happy trails!

Get Your Sticker Burr Roller Today

Finally, a solution to take care of those pesky Sticker Burrs

Our Satisfied Customers!

…got mine on Sunday as well, rolled around for 10 minutes and had a full bucket. Works like a charm and my feet are forever in your debt. TY


Facebook - tofaticus

Can’t say enough good things about this.

We got the tow behind unit for our community softball field. We picked up half a 5 gallon bucket of burrs on the first pass.

Worth every penny.


M E Dominguez, TX

I just got one this morning and we’re already sucking up goat heads (stickers) with this Roller. Works awesome!


Facebook - Penny Stuart

Just got our Sticker Burr Roller in the mail and I immediately put it together and went to our backyard which is COVERED in these burrs. We can’t set foot off our patio without pain and misery, or hours of plucking them from our shoes. I am soooo happy with this Roller!! I picked up hundreds in a little 2 foot patch that I tried. Thank you for this amazing tool!


Martin Smith

We got your Sticker Burr Roller about 2 weeks ago. The first day we filled up the sticker hopper TWICE in like 15 minutes. We’re still using  it weekly until we clear out our backyard of all the stickers. A++++ product and we couldn’t be happier about owning one.


Joseph Dee McGuire

We live in Kanab UT and these bull horn stickers are everywhere in my backyard. We have suffered a lot over the years with my kids having a flat tire, to them stepping on the stickers. So, we bought one of these, and let me tell you it’s a lifesaver for my family. I would highly recommend this product. 


Jacob Luke


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