Pitchfork Attachment
(+$19.95 S&H)

Discover the Pitch Fork Attachment, a game-changing addition to your burr removal tool kit. This innovative attachment is specifically designed to be affixed to your standard Pitchfork, transforming it into a powerful tool for the efficient and painless removal of burr plants.

Why Choose the Pitchfork Attachment?

Effortless Removal: Engineered to tackle stubborn burrs with ease.
Enhanced Compatibility: Easily Attaches to your Pitchfork
Durability and Reliability: Built with top-quality materials for longevity.
Eco-Friendly Solution: A chemical-free approach to a healthier lawn.

The combination of your Sticker Burr Roller with this Pitchfork Attachment creates an unbeatable team, offering a complete solution and ensuring a burr-free life.


Order now to complete your burr removal tool kit. 


Pitchfork Attachment Key Features:

Effortless Burr Removal: Specifically engineered to tackle stubborn burr plants, this attachment makes the burr removal process smooth and effortless.
Compatibility and Convenience: Designed to easily attach to your Pitchfork and team up with your Sticker Burr Roller, creating the ultimate burr removal solution.
Durable and Reliable: Crafted from high-quality materials, this attachment is built to last and withstand the rigors of regular use.
Environmentally Friendly: Eliminate sticker burrs without resorting to harsh chemicals – an eco-friendly solution for a greener, safer yard.


See It in Action!

Watch how the Pitch Fork Attachment easily removes burr plants: 


Discover the ease of attachment and use:

Real-life effectiveness:



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(+$19.95 S&H)”

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